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24 GHz Radar Frontends

The 24 GHz radar modules are based on ICs form Infineon and Silicon Radar GmbH. The main application is used for continous-wave (CW) operation, but they are addiotnal able to operate in FMCW mode.

60 GHz Radar Frontend

We are using Infineons 60 GHz radar frontends for our future low-power and low-cost solutions. The IC is equipped with 1 transmitter and 3 receivers which are sampled simultaneously and operates in FMCW mode.

122 GHz Radar Frontends

The 122-GHz radar modules are based on ICs and frontends from Silicon Radar GmbH. The documentation can be found there. The two available frontends are the TRX_120_001 (see figure) and the TRA_120_002. Both are bi-static radars. In the TRX_120_001, the antennas are on a separate substrate in the chip housing while the TRA_120_002 has on-chip antennas on the semiconductor die. Both frontends are in QFN packages for SMD soldering