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RAPID v3 TI Module

Monostatic 77 GHz Radar Transceiver

Based on Texas Instrument's IWR1443 we developed a monstatic radar transceiver module which is best suited for dielectric lens applications for measuring targets in the main lobe at maximum range and accuracy and a direct elimination of unwanted targets beside the main lobe. The whole PCB is equipped with the power supply circuit for the IWR device and an additional housekeeping MCU which makes this radar transceiver also suitable for low-power applications, e.g. IoT services. The form factor and electrical interface is based on the RAPID v3 interface which makes it compatible with all of our backend connectors. The oustanding design technique with minimization of components on the top layer, where the final radiating element is integrated, assures that the radiaton is not affected by any other SMT components.

Addtionally on the same form factor a monostatic version for mounting a WR10 horn antenna directly to the PCB is available as well as a 2 Tx and 3 Rx patch array configuration.

The radar transceiver is compatible with our standard RAPID v3 backend connectors which can be directly connected to a Raspberry Pi  or a nanoPi (including a robust housing) which provides full support for data aquisition, signal processing and a web based GUI for showing raw signals and prcossed signals such as distance values.

The radiation pattern fo the transmit beam is shown in the right images without lens and with 35 mm diameter lens. The symmetric radiation pattern of the primary radiator leads to a very low sidelobe level using a dielectric lens. With the Wellenzahl standard lens a sidelobe level below -30 dB is achieved which oculd be further optimized. To be within the regulated EIRP the transmit power of the IWR1443 can be adjusted simply by software settings.

The monstatic architecture shows its outstanding performance by the superposition of the Tx and Rx beam. The resulting beam has a half-power beam width of just 2.6 °. which makes it best suited for applications where the target is directly perpendicular to the radar PCB, e.g. filling level measurements. The extremely low sidelobe level makes it robust against targets outside the main lobe of the radar.

Technical Data


35 x 35 mm² (rounded edges, radius 1,05 mm)



Drill distance

31 mm

PCB center point

Center point monostatic Tx/Rx antenna


Supply voltage 
  • 3.3 V
Current @ 3.3 V 
  • Operation mode: ~ 400 mA (depending on hardware configuration)
  • SPI (Full-Duplex) (up to 2 SPI)
  • I2C
  • Serial (UART) (Firmware update possible)


Please contact us!

Please contact us!